About Love To Brasil Project


In March 2017, Yuka Kido, a renowned flutist/composer/bandleader moved to Boston from Brazil. She is well-known as a side musician for late Johnny Alf, and recorded with many others in Brazil such as Joyce, Carlos Lyra, João Donato,  Filó Machado, Lula Galvão to name a few.

Hiro Honshuku, a flutist/composer and the leader of a New York-based jazz/Brazilian hybrid band “Racha Fora” has been a longtime fan of Yuka’s work. Since Yuka will have to leave Boston in a couple years, Hiro was eager to start a project with Yuka. Since early summer of 2017, they have appeared as a two-flute unit such as TRIchrO, Chris Florio project, A-NO-NE, as well as a guest artist to Honshuku’s Racha Fora.

“Hiro Honshuku & Yuka Kido — Love to Brasil Project” was first introduced in August 2017. Taking Brazilian standard, both Hiro and Yuka adore and transforming them with arranging skills they both posses, mixing with their own originals. These two flute players have vastly different styles, yet the sound they produce together has been fascinating audiences. One of the audiences commented, “I never liked 2 flute ensemble until you”. Please enjoy this one-and-only sound.