Yuka Kido Discography


Yuka Kido(flute,alt flute)、Shigeharu Sasago(acostic guiter)、Yoichi Yahiro(bass)、Yoichi Okabe(percussion,sound effect)、Joyce(vocal)、Milton Guedes(hermonica)、Manabu Ohishi(piano,keyboad)、Manabu Ohishi(marinba) Yuka Kido(flute, alt flute, bass flute, piccolo, pifano, bamboo flute, chorus, arrengement)、Shigeharu Sasago(acostic guiter, chorus, arrengement)、Yoichi Yahiro(bass, chorus)、Yoichi Okabe(percussion,sound effect, chorus)、Manabu Ohishi(trombone)、Manabu Ohishi(bandolim, 12strings guiter, chorus) Yuka Kido(flute, alt flute, bass flute, piccolo, pifano, bamboo flute)、Filo Machado(electoric guiter, acoustic guiter, keyboards, vocal)、Joao Coutinho(keyboards)、Lula Galvao(acoustic …

Yuka Kido


Flutist, composer Ms. Kido was first introduced to Brazilian music when she joined Lisa Ono’s debut band in 1989. Shortly after, she moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and became a tour member for Johnny Alf, one of the founders of Bossa Nova. Ms. Kido also performed frequently with Joyce Moreno, João Donato, Carlos Lyra, …

Hiro Honshuku


Graduated with honors from the Berklee College of Music. Received a Masters Degree from the New England Conservatory Music while a scholarship student. Studied with late George Russell, Dave Holland and George Garzone. Has taught at the New England Conservatory, the Longy School of Music and the New England Institute of Art. Honshuku was an …

About Love To Brasil Project

Live at Shrine NYC


Love to Brasil: Hiro – Yuka Project was first introduced in August 2017. Taking Brazilian standard both Hiro and Yuka adore and transforming them with arranging skills they both posses, mixing with their own originals. These two flute players have vastly different styles yet the sound they produce together has been fascinating audiences. This project is scheduled to go into a studio for an album recording in 2018.… Read More

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