Debut Album: Hiro Honshuku & Yuka Kido – Love To Brasil Project – EP


  1. Trilhos Urbanos <Caetano Veloso>
  2. Para vocês com grande carinho 
<Hermeto Pascoal>
  3. Lulu <Yuka Kido>
  4. Layer Three <Hiroaki Honshuku>
  5. Paper Merge <H. Honshuku>
  6. A rã <João Donato>

Hiro Honshuku – flute
Yuka Kido – flute
Helio Alves – piano

  • Produced by Hiroaki Honshuku & Yuka Kido
  • Recorded on March 11, 2020 at Dream World Studios by Hiroaki Honshuku and Doug Hammer <> with Matric Halo ULN-8 3d <>
  • Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Katsuhiko Naito
  • Cover Art by Hermeto Pascoal
  • Cover Design by Hiroaki Honshuku & Yuka Kido
Photos by Yasushi Nakamura, Doug Hammer, Hiroaki Honshuku
  • Special thanks: Alice Russell (Concept Inc.) & Yu
  • ⓟⓒ2020 Concept Publishing, Brookline, MA, USA <> | Concept Publishing 1132


In 2017, Yuka Kido, who had been performing Brasilian music in Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo, met jazz musician Hiro Honshuku, who was based in New York and Boston and had been playing with Brazilian musicians for three decades. By May, these two flutists started performing live and in the studio as a unit on the “Love To Brasil Project.”

With Yuka’s expertise in Brazilian music and culture combined with Hiro’s jazz languages learned in the US, this album is filled with originals and Brasilian standards with a unique and exceptional sound. The jacket cover art is the original handwritten music dedicated to this project by Hermeto Pascoal.

This EP has that universal Brazilian feeling 
that proves there are no borders in music, and 
that notes and chords are the languages of the angels. 
It was a great joy to hear this new album. 
JOYCE MORENO, Rio de Janeiro, May 8, 2020

Two flutists met in Boston while playing Brazilian music; the songs in their repertoire include a piece which was written for them by Hermeto Pascoal! I’m reminded of the saying, “Inscrutable and interesting are the ways people are brought together.”
 Jin Nakahara, Tokyo, 2020