Review by Yo Nakagawa on JazzLife Nov. 2020 issue


An amazing review by a well known music journalist, Yo Nakagawa

JazzLife 2020年11月号レビュー by 中川ヨウ

In 2017, Boston/NY based Hiro Honshuku teamed up with Yuka Kido, who has been playing Brazilian music in Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro. They have been performing as “Love To Brasil Project” around the Boston area. As Kido was moving back to Japan, they released this album to mark their accomplishments. This trio consists of the two flutes and Helio Alves. The match of the sound from each of them is magical. Track 5 and 6 shows as if they even share their inner time elements. These two flutes inspire you the music above and bring the joy of it to reality. Track 2 is a treasure, a song written for them by maestro Hermeto Pascoal. Its beauty is indescribable.

Yo Nakagawa