Yuka Kido


Yuka Kido
Flutist, composer

Ms. Kido was first introduced to Brazilian music when she joined Lisa Ono’s debut band in 1989. Shortly after, she moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and became a tour member for Johnny Alf, one of the founders of Bossa Nova. Ms. Kido also performed frequently with Joyce Moreno, João Donato, Carlos Lyra, and many others. Since moving back to Japan, she has been actively performing with her own group, and well known artists such as EPO and Kazufumi Miyazawa to build her own style. She was also a tour member for the Kazumi Watanabe group and the Sigeharu Mukai group.

Most of Ms. Kido’s six albums were recorded abroad, such as Brazil and Denmark, one of which rose to number 8 on the Italian hit chart. It is worth noting that all of her albums were reissued in 2008. in 2012, she released the debut album of “Four Colors,” a four flute band. Ms. Kido has been active internationally, including Belgium (2000-2002), back to Brazil (2014-2016). Ms. Kido has lived in Boston since 2017 and performs as Love To Brasil Project with another flutist, Hiro Honshuku.